How Many Calories in Vegetarian Beans

Vegetarian beans are green beans which are available all across the world and are very good for the health. Beans are used in many dishes and recipes and find use in almost all the cuisines of the world. Vegetarian beans are sold by many companies and the number of calories in these beans remains almost the same. If you wish to know the health benefits of vegetarian beans or about the calorie count of these beans then please go through the following given information:

Calories in Vegetarian Beans

Seneca is a well known brand that sells many vegetables and fruits. One such vegetable which is sold by this company is vegetarian beans. ½ cup of these beans weighs 130 grams and has got 120 calories. These 120 calories present in vegetarian beans are composed of 17% sodium content, 8% total carbohydrates and 40% dietary fiber content. The nutrition grade given to these beans is B. the good point about vegetarian beans is that they are high on the dietary fiber content. But the negative points associated with vegetarian beans are that they have a lot of sodium in them and are high on the sugar content.

Amy’s is another company which is known to sell vegetarian beans. ½ cup of these beans weighs 112 grams and contains 120 calories. The nutrition grade on which these beans have been tagged at is A-. Out of the 112 calories, 8% come from total fats, 2% come from saturated fats, 20% come from sodium, 8% come from total carbohydrates and 24% come from the dietary fiber content. Some of the good points associated with these vegetable beans are that they have low saturated fat content, they have no cholesterol, the amount of dietary fiber in these vegetables is large and these beans are high on the iron content as well.