How Many Calories in Mung Dal

Mung dal is considered to be one of the healthiest pulses and has got several health benefits associated with it. Mung dal cannot be eaten raw and has to be cooked before it can be consumed. Mung dal can be eaten with chapattis, rice and can also be consumed by itself as well. Mung dal is manufactured by a lot of companies and is often found raw mixed with other pulses. If you are interested in knowing more about mung dal and the amount of calories it has, then you can go through the following given details:

Calories in Mung Dal

Jyoti is a company that manufactures several different dal varieties including mung dal. ½ cup of mung dal prepared by this company weighs 94.7 grams and contains 130 calories. Out of these calories, 8% comes from total fat, 15% comes from saturated fat, 3% comes from cholesterol, 23% is contributed by sodium, 5% comes from carbohydrates and the remaining 8% comes from dietary fiber.  The good points about this particular dal are that it is low on sugar content and high on vitamin A content. The negatives points are the presence of lots of sodium and saturated fat.

TRS Asia’s finest foods are another company that manufactures mung dal. 1 serving of this mung dal which is about 100 grams contains 231 calories out of which 40% is dietary fiber. 12% of this calorie content is contributed by total carbohydrates and 2% of it comes from total fat. The fact that 22.0 grams of the 100 grams of this mung dal is protein is a really good point. The absence of sodium, cholesterol and low are the good points that can be associated from TRS Asia’s finest foods mung dal in addition to the fact that it has high amount of dietary fiber as well.