How Many Calories in Instant Oatmeal

Everybody knows that oatmeal is good for the health and is high on nutrition. Many people eat oatmeal at breakfast and in this age of instant food items, instant oatmeal packages fit in quite perfectly. Many companies and brands offer instant oatmeal packs and each one of them may have a different calorie count and nutritional value count. To know more about the same, you can refer to the following part of the article that throws light on the amount of calories that different instant oatmeal brands offer.

Compliments is a brand that offers a variety of instant food items and packaged foods as well. Compliments also manufactures instant oatmeal. A packet of instant oatmeal manufactured by Compliments contains about 140 calories and is really high on nutritional value as well. A grade has been given to this instant oatmeal variant as it is high on iron, low on saturated fat and very high in thiamin. Infact Compliments instant oatmeal is also quite high on Vitamin B6 which is good for the health.

Calories in Instant Oatmeal

Instant oatmeal is also prepared by Quaker Oats, Co. a packet of Instant oatmeal original that is manufactured by this company consists of only 100 calories and is again quite high on the nutritional value. It has been given an A grade in terms of nutrition and contains only 3% fat and 3 % sodium. The health benefits of instant oats from Quaker oats are: high iron, high vitamin A, high vitamin B6, high dietary fiber and high thiamin as well.

A packet of instant oatmeal prepared by Great Value consists of 130 calories and has been given an A grade in terms of nutritional value. This pack is high in iron and high in vitamin A but is also high on sugar content which can be considered as one of its negative points.