How Many Calories in Raw Egg

Eggs are a food item that are loved and relished by majority of the population. One of the common ways to eat an egg is in its raw form. Do you know about the health benefits of eating raw eggs? Do you know how many calories are present in a raw egg? If you do not know the answers to these questions and wish to find them out then the following given information shall prove to be really useful for you:

Calories in Raw Egg

A Raw fresh whole egg’s 1 serving contains about 148 calories. Out of this calorie content, 16% comes from total fat, 16% comes from saturated fat, 144% comes from cholesterol and 6% comes from sodium. As far as the nutritional value of such an egg is concerned, it has been allotted a B- grade. Some of the good points associated with a raw whole egg are that it has no sugar content, it has high amount of phosphorus in it, the amount of riboflavin is high, very high amount of selenium and high quantity of vitamin B12. But some of the good points associated with such a form of egg are that amount of cholesterol and saturated fat content is pretty high.

Tesco is a company which sells raw eggs in whole forms. 1 serving of a medium sized raw whole egg contains 88 calories out of which 10% come from total fat and 10% are contributed by saturated fat. The high amount of saturated fat content is one of the negative points about this egg.

1 large raw egg white from a raw egg contains about 16 calories which means that 33 grams of egg white contains just 16 calories of which 2% comes from the sodium content. The nutrition grade given to this egg white is A.