How many Calories in Quinoa Flakes

Quinoa flakes make for a lovely breakfast item and are a kind of a cereal which are not only tasty but also have a lot of health benefits and nutritional benefits as well. Quinoa flakes are very commonly consumed by many people and because of their popularity many companies manufacture this cereal. The number of calories in quinoa flakes depends upon the ingredients used to prepare it and also on the company that is manufacturing it. If you are interested in finding about quinoa flakes then the information which has been given in the following lines shall be of help to you:

Calories in Quinoa Flakes

Ancient Harvest is a famous company that is known to manufacture and sell many kinds of breakfast cereals and other food items. Quinoa flakes is one such item that it sold by this company.0.33 cup dry Ancient Harvest quinoa flakes which weigh around 34 grams contain 131 calories and if the nutrition grade is being talked about, these cereals shall be given a B- grade. The 131 calories are composed of 3% total fat, 10% dietary fiber and 8% carbohydrates as well. There are several good points about Ancient Harvest quinoa flakes. These flakes have very low amount of sodium, they are free from cholesterol and saturated fat and are very high on the riboflavin content.

Wegmans is a very famous company which is known to produce quinoa flakes. ΒΌ cup that weighs 44 grams of this cereal contains 160 calories out of which 2% have been contributed by total fat, 10% come from carbohydrates and 16% are present as a result of dietary fiber content. The good features about this particular quinoa flakes are that they have no cholesterol, no saturated fat, no sodium content and also no sugar. These quinoa flakes have been given B+ nutrition grade.