How Many Calories in Puffed Wheat Cereal

Puffed wheat cereals are consumed at the time of breakfast by a huge percentage of people across the world. These cereals are considered great for health and are also tasty enough to be consumed on a regular basis. Puffed wheat cereals are manufactured by different brands and each of it may have a different calorie content depending upon the constituent ingredients. But at the same time, each puffed wheat cereal also has a different nutritional value and grade as well. If you are interested in finding more about the same, you will find the following part of the article very useful.

Calories in Puffed Wheat Cereal

Arrowhead Mills is a popular brand that manufacturers puffed wheat cereals. 1 cup of puffed wheat cereals prepared by this brand contains only 60 calories and has a nutritional grade of A-. The total carbohydrate calorie contribution is about 4% whereas dietary fiber constitutes about 8% of the calorie content. The health benefits of this puffed wheat cereal include no saturated fat count, no cholesterol count, no sodium content, no sugar content and high dietary fiber quantity.

Honey Smacks is another popular puffed wheat cereal producing company which also manufactures sweetened puffed wheat cereals.3/4 cup of these cereals contain 100 calories in total out of which 8% comes from carbohydrates, 4% comes from dietary fiber, 2% from sodium and 1% from total fat. Some of the good points about this cereal are no saturated fat, no cholesterol, low sodium content, high vitamin B6, very high niacin and very high vitamin B12. The negative point is the high sugar content.

Malt-o-meal puffed wheat cereal’s one cup contains only 60 calories and has been given a B+ nutritional grade. The positives about this particular puffed wheat cereal are no sugar, no sodium, no cholesterol and no saturated fats as well.