How many Calories in BuckWheat

Buckwheat is nothing but a plant that is generally cultivated for its seeds which can be used as wheat. Buckwheat can be consumed as a cereal during the time of breakfast and many different companies manufacture and sell buckwheat breakfast cereal which is considered good for the health. Generally buckwheat contains a lot of calories but if you wish to find out the exact number of calories present in buckwheat and the health benefits associated with it, then you can refer to the following given part of this article:

Calories in BuckWheat

1 cup which weighs 170 grams of buckwheat contains 583 calories out of which 9% come from total fat, 6% come from saturated fat, 41% come from carbohydrates and 68% are contributed by dietary fiber. This cereal is really good for health and hence is given A grade on the nutrition scale. The other reasons for it being nutritious include the fact that it is low on the saturated fat content, has got no cholesterol, has very little amount of sodium present in it, absence of any sugar content, has got a lot of dietary fiber content, high in manganese content and high in magnesium content as well.

Buckwheat can also be taken into use in the form of flour. Arrowhead Mills is one company that manufactures buckwheat flour. ΒΌ cup or 30.2 grams of buckwheat flour manufactured by Arrowhead Mills contains 110 calories. This calorie content is as a result of 2% total fat, 7% total carbohydrates and 24% dietary fiber content. On the scale of nutrition, this flour has been given B+ grade. The good points associated with Buckwheat flour include absence of saturated fat, absence of cholesterol, absence of sugar, absence of sodium and presence of a really high amount of dietary fiber which is really good for the health.