How Many Calories in Barley Flour

Barley flour is a kind of a flour or fine powder that is made after the barley grains are grinded. Barley flour can be used in a number of cooking applications and is also added to certain food items for thickening. Barley has several health benefits and therefore barley flour is also good for the health. Many different companies have been manufacturing barley flour and the number of calories in barley flour may differ from one company to another. If you wish to find out more about barley flour, then the following given information will prove to be useful to you.

Calories in Barley Flour

Arrowhead Mills is a very famous company that manufactures many different types of food items. Arrowhead Mills also sells barley flour in sealed packages and ¼ cup or 25.2 grams of this barley flour comprises of 95 calories out of which 2% come from total fat, 6% come from total carbohydrates and 16% come from dietary fiber also. As far as the nutritional value of Arrowhead Mills barley flour is concerned, it has been tagged at B+ grade. There are several good points about this barley flour such as the fact that it has no cholesterol, no sodium content, no saturated fat, absolutely no sugar and has got a lot of dietary fiber content.

Bob’s red mill barley flour is also barley flour that is known for its health benefits and fine quality.  1 serving of Bob’s red mill barley flour contains 106 calories which means that 30 grams of this barley flour has got 106 calories of which 20% come from dietary fiber and 8% come from carbohydrates in addition to 5% that come from total fat content. This particular barley flour has got a large amount of dietary fiber content which can be considered a very good thing.