How many Calories in Rye Flakes

Rye flakes are a cereal which is made up of rye and is really quite good for health. Rye flakes are generally consumed at the time of breakfast as a breakfast cereal but can be eaten at other times as well. This cereal item goes best with milk and is manufactured and sold by a lot of companies. The calorie content of rye flakes depends upon the type of method of preparation and thereby on the company that manufactures it. If you are interested in knowing about the various health benefits and calorie content of rye flakes then you must go through the article that has been given for you in the following lines:

Bob’s red mill is a company that is known to manufacture rye flakes. ¼ cup or 30 grams of these flakes contain 100 calories in them and these calories are contributed by 7% total carbohydrates and 16% dietary fiber content. The absence of sodium, saturated fat and sugar can be considered as the good points about Bob’s red mill’s rye flakes.

Calories in Rye Flakes

Barry farm foods are popularly known for making healthy rye flakes as well. ¼ cup of Barry Farm Foods rye flakes which weighs about 50 grams contains 160 calories and this calorie content is distributed as: 2% from total fat, 1% from saturated fat, 10% from total carbohydrates and 24% from dietary fiber.

Eden foods also make rye flakes which are roasted and rolled. ½ cup of uncooked organic rye flakes produced by Eden foods contain 170 calories and have been tagged at A- grade as far as the nutritional value of these flakes is concerned.  Some of the good points about these rye flakes are that they are very high on the dietary fiber content, they have no sugar content; they have absolutely no sugar content, they have no cholesterol content and have no saturated fat as well.