How Many Calories in Strawberry MilkShake

Strawberry milkshake is a really tasty version of the milkshake and is popular especially amongst children and young adults. Strawberry milkshake brings with itself a lovely flavor of strawberries and is quite healthy as well at the same time because of the high calcium content in it. Strawberry milkshake is made or prepared by a lot of companies that make packaged food items and can also be found available at many fast food joints or restaurants. If you wish to find more information about strawberry milkshake, then you can go through the following given information:

President’s choice strawberry milkshake is one of the most popular forms of strawberry milkshake. 1 carton which is equal to 200 grams of this milkshake contains 240 calories and on the nutrition scale, it is given a B- grade. 30% of these calories come from saturated fat, 14% come from total fat, 12% come from cholesterol, 9% come from sodium and 11% come from carbohydrates. The high amount of calcium is a very good point about President’s choice strawberry milkshake but high saturated fat and high sugar are the negative points about it.

calories in Strawberry MilkShake

Graze is also a famous name that prepares yummy strawberry milkshake.1 punnet of this milkshake has got 127 calories out of which 12% come from saturated fat, 6% come from total fat, 1% come from sodium, 7% come from carbohydrates and 5% come from dietary fiber.

The strawberry milkshake made by Burger King is really loved by many people and 1 serving of it has got 430 calories of which 20% are contributed by saturated fat, 28% come from total carbohydrates, 135 come from sodium, 8% come from cholesterol and 9% come from total fat. The high amount of sugar and saturated fat are the two negative features about this strawberry milkshake.