How Many Calories in Mushroom Soup

Mushroom soup is a really delicious soup that is mainly made up of mushroom and has a creamy feel to it. Mushroom soup may contain a lot of calories but at the same time has got several health benefits associated with it as well. Mushroom soup is prepared and sold in packages by many companies and is also available at a lot of restaurants or eating joints. Mushroom soup can also be easily made up at home using simple recipes. If you want to know about the calorie content of mushroom soup, then please refer to the following given information:

Campbell is a famous company that has a good reputation for producing many packaged food items. This company also produces mushroom soup and ½ cup of this soup contains 100 calories.  The nutrition grade given to this soup is B- and the calorie content is composed of 36% sodium, 9% total fat, 7% saturated fat, 2% cholesterol, 3% carbohydrates and 8% dietary fiber.

Calories in Mushroom Soup

New Covent Garden mushroom soup is made up of wild mushrooms and is quite delicious. 1 serving which is equal to 100 grams of New Covent garden mushroom soup contains 13% sodium, 2% total fat, 5% saturated fat, 2% carbohydrates and 2% dietary fiber. The sodium content is not as high as compared to other mushroom soup variants and this can be considered as a good point of this soup.

Imagine foods are also a popular company which makes mushroom soup. 1 cup of the mushroom soup prepared by this company has got 80 calories and has been given B- grade as far as the nutrition grade is concerned.  The good thing about this particular soup is that it has a lot of dietary fiber in it but the one negative point is that there is also a lot of sodium.