How Many Calories in a White Cherry ICEE

ICEE is the flagship product of The ICEE Company, a beverage company located in Ontario, California, USA. The product is a frozen carbonated beverage which is available in a number of fruit and soda flavors. Though the company also produces other frozen beverages and ice pops, the name has become synonymous to the frozen carbonated beverages. The company has above 75000 ice machines all over US which serve about 300 million ICEEs per year.

How Many Calories in a White Cherry ICEE

The ICEEs come in a variety of different flavors some of which include blue strawberry, strawberry, pink lemonade, red cherry, white cherry and many other variations. Of these the White Cherry ICEE is rate as the sixth most popular by one of the websites. The calorie content in the ICEEs and the nutritional values they contain may differ based on the flavor etc.

The White Cherry Icee manufactured by the ICEE company contains a total of 80 calories per serving; the serving size being 6 fluid ounces or 180 g. The levels of the sodium and the carbohydrates contents in this Icee are 10mg and 20.0g respectively.

Another variation of the above mentioned ice- the Fanta White Cherry, again produced/ manufactured by the ICEE Company has a total of only 65 calories per serving. A single serving size of the beverage is made of 8 ounces of fluid or an equivalent 240g. The total amounts of sodium and carbohydrates contained in this single serving are 5mg and 17.0 g respectively.

The fast food restaurant chain by the name White Castle also produces a carbonated drink called the Icee Cherry. A single serving of this drink which is 21 fluid ounces or 630g has a total of 21 calories. The sodium level contained in the drink is 11mg and the carbohydrates contained in are 42.0g of which 39.9g are sugars. This high level of sugar content in the drink serves as a bad point.