Top 5 healthiest beverages in the world

If you are out on a foodie shopping spree; you are bound to find various canned juices, energy drinks, teas, flavored water or protein shakes in the stores. In fact, if you need to choose the “healthiest” one, the decision taking task can be a tough one.

Surprisingly the fact is that 95% of these drinks have no beneficial effects on your body, instead they will increase your body weight unnecessarily and also invite other health issues. Here, we suggest you some beneficial drinks that will not only be useful to your body but also wade away a host of diseases –

healthiest beverages in the world1. Water

To discuss on the healthiest beverages you should not forget the “lifeline” beverage – which is water. Being the most plain as well as simple beverage, it assists you to regulate the temperature of your body, clears out the toxins through urination and sweating, facilitates chemical reactions, elevates metabolism, prevents dehydration, reduces appetite, transmits oxygen and other nutritional factors to the cells and so on.

2. Green Tea

Natural green tea or any other teas should come under the roof of healthy beverage. A cup of green tea acts as anti aging agent. It has the ability to improve insulin sensitivity which can prevent diabetes. Green Tea also has the ability to curb hunger which will stop you to eat more and gain unwanted body fat.

3. Milk

A protein enriched beverage is milk which will assist you to boost your metabolism, hunger reduction as well as growth and recovery of muscle. Vitamin D and calcium which is necessary for the development of bone and teeth health is present in milk. Milk is defined as the perfect waist slimming as well as body defining beverage available in the market; if you are on a diet, consider milk as your regular beverage.

4. Kefir

Though kefir is quite an unfamiliar name but it should be counted under the list of healthiest beverages. Kefir which is the gift of Russia consists of healthy bacteria named probiotics to encourage digestive health. Available in variety of flavors like peach, vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, this beverage is enriched with high protein, vitamin B, K and calcium.

5. Coffee

Comprised with healthy antioxidants as well as caffeine, coffee will assist you to speed up the metabolism rate and also boost up alertness. Though you should keep in mind that dressed up with cream or artificial syrups, chocolate or sugar will enhance the calorie content of your coffee.