Top 7 Famous Spanish Beverages

Anyone who travels outside their home country will definitely want to discover new food and drinks. When it comes to Spain, you will certainly take enough time to taste their authentic food and famous beverages. Apart from the different varieties of coffee or Café served in Spain, here is a quick guide to identify those drinks that top the chart.

 1. Sangria


It is one of the most popular and expensive drinks served in Spain and are usually served only in jugs and not in glasses. The typical Spanish drink contains red wine, brandy, sugar, lime, fruit pieces and soda topped with ice. Instead of trying it by yourself, it is best to share a pitcher with your friends.

2. Tinto de Verano

tinto de verano

The name literally means “the wine of summer.” This is popular as a substitute for Sangria during the summer and is found almost everywhere in Spain. It is a mix of red wine and lemon juice.

3. Agua de Valencia

agua de valencia

A sweet and tangy refreshing cocktail mix of Cava, Orange juice, Vodka, and Gin was first made in Valencia and became popular in 1970. It is a perfect drink enjoyable during summer evenings.

4. Cava


The sparkling wine Cava is usually known as Spain’s champagne, mostly produced in the region of Catalonia in the northeast part of Spain. It comes in white and rose colours and is served cold sometimes according to tradition with a variety of fruits during celebrations like wedding and parties..

5. The Rioja Wine

the rioja wine

This is considered as the best and most famous wine in Spain. The reds are the stronger ones and lighter versions come in rose. It is worth giving a try with a combination of steaks.

6. Horchata


For those who do not want to add alcohol to their drink, here is one that you will love – the Horchata. This refreshing drink with a milky appearance is also a product of Valencia consisting of a mixture of Chufa nuts made into a paste with an addition of a Cinnamon stick further blended with ice water and finally topped with sugar.

7. Clara de Limon

clara de limon

Often identified as a “girly drink,” this is a fusion of beer and lemon soda. The drink is more refreshing than a beer and the taste nice.

There are large varieties of refreshing drinks created by Spaniards whose country is renowned for its local festivities and most of their drinks are regional too.