Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea is a delectable and popular hot beverage; it is also well-known for its health benefits. It boosts your energy, fights oxidative stress, boosts immunity, aids digestion and reduces anxiety.

What Is Earl Grey Tea?

If you haven’t heard of it before let us tell that earl grey tea has controversial history and became very popular particularly in Europe, America and British Isles. It’s not really special but is just a blend of black tea with an unusual addition, dried bergamot orange which provides a unique flavor to this tea. This tea was made as an alternative to the Chinese tea which was very expensive.

This tea has been enjoyed by millions of people every year. This is not just unique for its flavor but is loaded with many health benefits. While you can commonly talk about black tea benefits for this one, you can also include other benefits of the various blends used in this tea. So, let’s check all the health benefits of earl grey tea.

Benefits Of Earl Grey Tea

1. Boosts Energy

We all know that people drink tea and coffee for some caffeine content to boost their energy and mood. It also boosts metabolism along with this. We drink a cup of tea or coffee early in the morning and evenings to get some energy for the day. However, it also soothes and relaxes our mood at night just before going to bed. The same way earl grey tea has the same benefits.

2. Prevents Cold and Flu

All kinds of teas are warming and they stimulate the immunity and so is earl grey tea but due to the presence of bergamot, this tea has an added advantage. It also prevents cold and flu, especially in the winters and autumn. This is specifically observed in Europe.

3. Boost Immunity

Teas are usually rich in antioxidants and so is earl grey tea. It defends against foreign bodies or oxidative stress and protects us from many infections and diseases. Further, it boosts immunity so that the body can fight such diseases.

4. Improves Heart Health

Black tea is linked to reduced triglycerides in the body and so is linked to heart attacks, atherosclerosis, and stroke. Earl Grey tea has been always involved in pretty many studies conducted on cholesterol and heart and most of them have shown that with regular consumption of this tea has relatively reduced bad cholesterol and increased good cholesterol and that too within few weeks of time. The reason behind this is the rich antioxidants present in this tea that is well capable of eliminating oxidative stress and plaque build up in the arteries and heart.

5. Improves Digestion

Natural health practitioners have always praised this tea for anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. These were always used for nausea and colic. It reduces inflammation in the gut thereby easing constipation, settles the stomach, treats hemorrhoids, cramps, bloating and other stomach problems. It also prevents infections and parasitic worms in the gut with the help of antioxidants and antibacterial effects.

6. Weight Loss

As we know that bergamot is present in earl grey tea, you should also know that this consists of small amount of citrus extract and this extract helps in weight loss stimulating metabolism.

These were few health benefits of earl grey tea and the studies are still going on it. You should definitely try a cup of this flavourful and delicious earl grey tea.