How Many Calories in Potato Soup

Potato soup is a soup that has been made mainly out of potato and is a very good appetizer. Potato soup is prepared by a lot of restaurants and eateries and is also available in canned packages. Potato soup is manufactures by a lot of companies as well. The number of calories in potato soup depends upon the method of preparation and the exact ingredients used. If you want to find out the exact number of calories in potato soup, then please go through the following given article:

Calories in Potato Soup

A famous variant of potato soup is the cream of potato soup which can be easily prepared at home and available even at many restaurants. 1 cup which is equal to 244 grams contains 73 calories out of which 4% comes from total fat, 6% comes from saturated fat, 42% comes from sodium, 4% comes from total carbohydrates, 2% comes from cholesterol and 2% comes from dietary fiber. Some of the good points about this soup are that it is low on cholesterol, has got no sugar, and has got high amount of manganese and high amount of pantothenic acid as well. The nutrition grade given to this soup is B and one of the negative points associated with it is that it has high quantity of sugar.

Bear creek is also a famous brand that makes potato soup, ¼ dry cup of which contains 150 calories. Out of these 150 calories, 36% comes from sodium, 10% comes from saturated fat, 9% comes from total carbohydrates and 5% comes from total fat. On the basis of the nutrition, the grade given to Bear Creek potato soup is D. The good point associated with it is that it has got no cholesterol present but the one negative point is that there is a high content of sodium in it.