How Many Calories in a Coffee Creamer

Coffee creamers are the liquid or granular substances which are used in coffee as an additive material. It may also serve as a substitute for the milk in coffee and other beverages. There are a number of coffee creamers available which come in varied number of flavors like hazelnut creamer, French vanilla, classic etc. Each of the available creamers contains different number of calories.

How Many Calories in a Coffee Creamer

The fat free French Vanilla coffee creamer manufactured by Coffee- Mate has a total of 25 calories in total. The single table spoon of this creamer i.e. 15g has 5.0g of carbohydrates content of which 4.0g is sugars component.

Coffee- Mate produces another flavor of the coffee creamer named the Original coffee creamer. A single serving size i.e. 1tsp or 2g of this creamer contains 10 calories in total. Of these total about 6 come from the 0.7g of the fat content (0.7g being the saturated fats). The creamer does not have cholesterol or sodium, but the carbohydrates content in it adds up to a 0.7g.

The French Vanilla coffee creamer manufactured by International Delight has about 45 calories in the single tablespoon serving size (i.e. 15g of the creamer). The total fat content in the serving is 2.0g (1.0g of it being saturated fats) which contributes 18 calories to the total. The amount of sodium content is 5mg and the amount of carbohydrates is 7.0g of which 6.0g is sugars.

Coffee creamer manufactured by Borden is given an overall D+ grade in the nutrition and calorie department. The total number calories in one table spoon (or 2g) serving size of the creamer are 10 calories. The total fat content of 1.0g (all of which are saturated fats) contributes 9 calories. The good points about this creamer are that it contains no cholesterol, sodium and sugar at all. Also it is very high in vitamin E, but the high saturated fat content may serve as a negative.