Healthiest Beverages in the World

We have all heard and read about food as a source of healthy nutrients for the human body and the importance of water which is essential for existence of humans is universally known. But there are many other beverages which perform the task of providing nutrition and meet many daily requirements. It is good for particularly those who are not such huge fans of water consumption. Listed here are few of the healthiest beverages in the world, so take your pick into the foray of health.

Green Tea:

green teaMore and more individuals are increasing their consumption of this beverage. The credit goes to multiple benefits listed under this tea. The tea leaves contain flavonoids and antioxidants which lead to prevention of many diseases or conditions in addition to other benefits.

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate has many great qualities and is available in all parts of the world. The juice is listed to prevent inflammation in various body organs, reduces or counters the risk for heart diseases and cancer.


There have been enough talks about the ill effects of caffeine but there’s good news for the coffee lovers. Coffee has many health benefits which brings it into the list of healthiest beverages. It is recorded to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and also reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes. The beverage also counters the risks associated with many inflammatory diseases. In addition many of components of coffee also help in aiding weight loss.

Beet Juice

beet juiceThis beverage packs loads of beneficial traits which include the ability to reduce an individual’s blood pressure and increase the flow of blood to ones brain. It also increases stamina, makes the liver healthy and provides the individual with many components like magnesium, calcium and iron.


Low fat or not milk is one of the best available sources of calcium needed for proper growth and sustenance. A cup of milk also offers a punch of vitamin D, vitamin A and many other nutrients that are essential for the bones and the eyes. Low fat milk is stated to be more beneficial as the fat content and the total calories are lower.


wineWho knew that this guilty pleasure can be good for health and hence included in the list of healthiest beverages of the world. When consumed in moderate amounts the beverage promotes insulin sensitivity. It also contains components that boost the good cholesterol in the body and hence performs protective health functions.