What is the Difference Between Ginger Beer and Ginger Ale?

“Ginger beer” as the name suggests may mislead you as in most of the cases this beverage does not contain any alcohol. It is more or less similar to ginger ale, which is a type of soft drink. Both of these beverages contain extra sugar and are not completely nutritious. If we draw a comparison between them it could help you to choose the right beverage amongst the two for your health.

what is the difference between ginger beer and ginger ale

Differences Between Ginger Ale and Ginger Beer


Ginger ale is basically a carbonated soda-type beverage and the main ingredients to prepare this beverage are water and ginger whereas ginger beer is a fermented and brewed beverage and the flavor of ginger is stronger compare to ginger ale. The alcohol content in both of these beverages is nil.


12-ounce ginger ale contains 32 grams of sugar, 124 calories and no fat. It means almost 8 teaspoons of sugar. As per study, in a day women should not intake over 6 teaspoons of added sugar and likewise men also should not have over 9 teaspoons of added sugar. Having too much of added sugar can increase your weight and raise the risk of heart diseases. 12-ounce of ginger beer contains 40 grams of sugar and 114 calories.

Vitamins and Minerals

Ginger beer and ginger ale does not contain impressive amounts of nutrients like fibre, Vitamin C and protein. 12-ounce ginger ale contains 0.66 milligram iron. It is almost 8 percent of 8 milligrams of iron that men require each day and almost 4 percent of 18 milligrams of iron that women need each day. Ginger ale also contains very small amount of calcium and zinc.

Benefits of Ginger 

The most advantageous thing about ginger beer and ginger ale is that most of these beverages are made of real roots of ginger. Ginger has natural anti-inflammatory compounds, which is called gingerols. This helps to prevent or reduce inflammation. The ginger content in beer or ale also helps you to get relief from morning sickness, motion sickness or nausea.

Making Choice 

The fat, calories and fibre content in both ginger beer and ginger ale is more or less similar, so you can choose amongst them in terms of taste. As both these beverages contain added sugar and calories, it is better not to drink them on regular basis. If you want to have ginger beer or ginger ale to get rid from nausea or other medical condition, it is advisable to talk to your doctor beforehand. They can suggest you whether these beverages are appropriate for you or not.