How Many Calories in White Bread

White bread is one of the most commonly consumed bread type across the world. White bread is manufactured by innumerable number of companies and each different company makes white bread is a different way or size. The number of calories present in white bread may differ as per the baking style and the method of preparation. Do you know how many calories are present in white bread? Do you know about the health benefits of disadvantages of eating white bread? If the answers to these questions are no and you wish to find the correct answers, then you can go through the following given part of the article:

Calories in White Bread

1 slice which weighs 25 grams of white bread with soft crumbs contains 67 calories. This kind of a white bread has been tagged at A- grade as far as its nutritional value is concerned. The calorie content is composed of 1% total fat, 1% saturated fat, 7% sodium, 4% carbohydrates and 2% dietary fiber as well. There are many good points related to this white bread some of which are that it has no cholesterol, is low on the saturated fat content, is high on selenium content and is also high on the thiamin content. But the high amount of sodium is a bad point about white bread.

Wal-Mart also makes good quality white bread. 1 serving that weighs 42 grams of this white bread from Wal-Mart contains about 110 calories and as far as its nutritional value is concerned, it has been given B- grade. The 110 calories are present as a result of 2% total fat, 8% sodium, 7% carbohydrates and 4% dietary fiber content. The high sodium content is again one of the bad points about Wal-Mart’s white bread but absence of cholesterol and low amount of saturated fat can be counted as the good points.