How Many Calories in Cornmeal

Cornmeal is a kind of a whole grain that has been made out of corn and comes with many nutritional benefits. Cornmeal is manufactured by a lot of companies and is sold in sealed packages. The number of calories and the list of health benefits of cornmeal depends upon the company that is manufacturing it. If you are someone who likes to use cornmeal in his/her diet, then you might find the following given article interesting and also useful:

Calories in Cornmeal

Bob’s red mill is a company that sells many wholegrain and grain products and one such product is Cornmeal. ¼ cup of Bob’s red mill cornmeal which weighs around 8.5 grams comprises of 110 calories. This calorie count if composed of 2% total fat, 8% carbohydrates and a whopping 20% of dietary fiber. The good points associated with this cornmeal are that it has no cholesterol, very low sodium, no saturated fat, no sugar content and a lot of dietary fiber.

The nutrition grade given to this cornmeal is B+. Dal Raccolto is another brand name known to be producing good quality cornmeal. 4 tablespoons or 74 grams of Dal Raccolto cornmeal has got 250 calories and has been tagged at B+ nutrition grade. Out of the 250 calories, 1% come from total fat, 18% come from carbohydrates and 28% are contributed by the dietary fiber content. The positive features about this cornmeal pack is that it has no cholesterol, very less sodium, no saturated fat content, no sugar and a high amount of dietary fiber content. Tone’s cornmeal is also quite popular for its quality. 1 serving of this particular cornmeal contains 100 calories of which 8% are contributed by total carbohydrates and 2% come from dietary fiber content. Since there is no sodium in this cornmeal, it can be considered good for health.