How Many Calories in Raspberry Tea

Raspberry tea is a kind of a tea which has the flavor of raspberries. Raspberry tea has a lot of healing and other medicinal benefits and effects and is considered quite good for the health. Apart from being tasty, this tea is nutritious as well raspberry tea has the colour of raspberries and is manufactured by many companies. The number of calories in raspberry tea may differ according to the manufacturing company. If you are interested in finding out more details about raspberry tea, then please read the following given information:

Calories in Raspberry Tea

Wawa is a well know brand which manufactures delicious raspberry tea.16 fl oz of this raspberry tea contains about 179 calories out of which 1% comes from sodium and 15% is contributed by the total carbohydrate content. Since the sodium content is so low in this raspberry tea variety produced by Wawa, it can be considered good to drink.

Snapple is a very popular beverage producing group which specializes in manufacturing many beverages. One such beverage being manufactured by this group is raspberry tea. 8 fl oz of raspberry tea manufactured by Snapple beverage group contains 76 calories. Out of these 76 calories, 6% come from total carbohydrates.

Lipton is known for producing different varieties of tea. One such variety which Lipton manufactures is raspberry tea.  1 teabag of raspberry tea produced by this brand contains 0 calories.  This raspberry tea is herbal in nature and this is the reason why it does not have any amount of calories in it.

Tradewinds is another company which sells raspberry tea. 1 serving of Tradewinds raspberry tea contains 95 calories of which 8% are contributed by the content of total carbohydrates. This tea is considered good for healthy because it has low sodium content, low cholesterol content and no saturated fats in it.