How Many Calories in Instant Coffee

Coffee is one of the most consumed drinks around the world and is loved and relished by a lot of people. Instant coffee is a kind of coffee which can be instantly prepared just by adding water to it. Instant coffee is manufactured by a lot of companies and it is really popular in these times when everyone needs everything that is ‘instant’ to make or prepare. Do you know how many calories does a person gain when he drinks instant coffee? Are there any health benefits of drinking instant coffee? To find the answers to these questions, please go through the following given information:

Calories in Instant Coffee

1 serving equal to 1 round teaspoon of instant coffee contains about 4 calories. The nutrition grade which instant coffee gets is B+. There are many good things about instant coffee. Some of them are that instant coffee is very low on the saturated fat content, it has no cholesterol, it has very low amount of sodium, there is no sugar in it, there is high amount of manganese in instant coffee and even the magnesium quantity is pretty high in it. The other good points about instant coffee include high amount of niacin, high amount of phosphorus and large quantity of potassium as well.

Samba Caf is a famous company which produces instant coffee. 100 grams of classic instant coffee manufactured by Samba Caf contains 352 calories in total. Out of these 352 calories, 8% come from the sodium content and 24% are contributed by the amount of total carbohydrates present in this coffee. The absence of sugar, cholesterol, saturated fat is the good points about this coffee. Infact it contains large amounts of manganese, magnesium, potassium and phosphors as well and this can also be considered as a really good thing about Samba Caf.