How Many Calories in Banana nut Crunch

For everyone for who likes to eat bananas, a banana nut crunch is an amazing type of a cereal. Banana nut crunch is generally consumed with milk and is manufactured by a lot of companies especially those who manufacture cereals. These crunchy and crispy breakfast cereals come with several health benefits but some harmful effects as well. If you are interested in knowing about the amount of calories in banana nut crunch then you can go through the following given points and details about banana nut crunch:

Calories in Banana nut Crunch

1 cup of banana nut crunch which weighs about 59 grams manufactured by Post contains about 249 calories. This cereal has been allotted grade B because of the fact that it is high on the sugar content. Out of the 249 calories, 16% come from dietary fiber, 15% come from carbohydrates, 11% come from sodium, 9 % come from total fat and the remaining 4% come from saturated fat. The most amazing thing about banana nut crunch is that it contains 90% iron and 15% vitamin A. the other positive points include no cholesterol, low saturated fat and very high iron content. But the fact that it has high sugar is the one negative point about banana nut crunch.

Slim fast is a company that produces products which are great for building a good physique. One such food item is the high protein meal bar banana and nut crunch. 1 serving of this banana and nut crunch contains 210 calories. In terms of the nutritional value, A grade has been given to this crunchy cereal. Out of the 210 calories, 20% is contributed by saturated fat, 10% is contributed by sodium, 9% is contributed by total fat, 8% is contributed by total carbohydrates and 3% by dietary fiber.  This particular cereal is high on vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and very low on cholesterol.