How Many Calories in Yellow Pepper

Yellow peppers are used all across the world in many different dishes and recipes. These beautiful looking vegetables are also used as salad dressings and pizza toppings and even taste quite nice. Do you know how many calories you consume when you have a little amount of yellow pepper? Does yellow pepper have any health benefits or are they only fancy looking vegetables? To find the answers to these questions and more, you can read the following given information about the number of calories in yellow pepper:

Calories in Yellow Pepper

1 large yellow pepper that weighs around 186 grams has got about 50 calories and gets grade A as far as the nutritious value of this vegetable is concerned. Yellow pepper contains 7% dietary fiber which is a positive point associated with it. The other positives attached with this vegetable are no cholesterol, low saturated fat, no sugar, very low sodium, high magnesium, high niacin, high vitamin A, high vitamin C and  high vitamin B6. The vitamin C content in 1 large yellow pepper is about 569%.

Yellow Pepper also tastes yummy when roasted and eaten. Mancini is a company that sells packaged roasted yellow pepper.1 oz which is about 28 grams of Mancini roasted yellow pepper contains 5 calories and has got nutritional grade B. Some positive points associated with this form of yellow pepper are no saturated fat, no cholesterol, high dietary fiber and very high vitamin C. But the negative part about roasted yellow pepper is high sodium content and very high sugar content.

Fire roasted yellow peppers are manufactured by a company called Mediterranean Classic.  1 oz of these yellow peppers contains only 10 calories and has been allotted a grade A-. Since these yellow peppers have no saturated fat, high vitamin A and very high vitamin C, they are considered quite healthy.