How Many Calories in Kidney Beans

There are a variety of common beans, kidney beans being one of them. They are also referred to as red beans. They are used in cuisines in various parts of the world such as New Orleans, Louisiana and northern India etc. A number of companies manufacture canned kidney beans. The calorie counts of the beans are given below.

The kidney beans in the natural form are graded A, and contain a total of ­­­­­­­­­­­ 215 calories per serving (i.e. 1 cup or 256.0g). The fat content in the beans is 0.9g with 0.2g being saturated fats, 0.4g being polyunsaturated fats and 0.4 g being monounsaturated fat. The calories that come from the fat content are 8. The sodium content in the beans is 660mg, the protein content is 13.5g and the carbohydrates are 39.8 g. Of the total carbohydrates, 13.8g are dietary fibres and 4.8g are sugars. Beans have many good properties like, they are very low in saturated fat, have no cholesterol content, are high in phosphorous and zinc; and are very high in dietary fibres.

Calories in Kidney Beans

The dark red kidney beans provided by the Bush’s Best are given a B+ grade. The total calories in one serving (1/2 cup or 129.7 g) of these beans are 105.. The sodium content in the beans is 259 mg; the protein content is 7.0 g. The total carbohydrates are 21.9 g of which 8.0g are dietary fibres and 3.0g are sugars. A negative point of Bush’s Best beans is that they are very high in sodium. The good points of these beans are that they have no saturated fats and no cholesterol; they are high in potassium and very high in dietary fibres.

The kidney beans manufactured by S&W are graded A- with the total calorie count being 120. The fat content 1.0 g and it makes for 9 calories of the total calories in one serving (1/2 cup or 127.5g). The protein content is 7.0g and the sodium content is 460 mg. The total carbohydrates are 20.0g of which 6.0 g are dietary fibres and 7.0g sugars. The beans are high in sodium and sugar which are considered bad. On the positive note the beans have no saturated fat, no cholesterol and are high in dietary fibres.