How many Calories in Garbanzo Beans

Garbanzo beans are also known as chickpeas in many parts of the world and are available at a lot of places. Garbanzo beans are boiled and then they are cooked and eaten and are also used to make a lot of dishes. These beans are used in a varied number of recipes and are considered good for the health. There are many companies that manufacture and sell garbanzo beans and the calorie content in these beans may vary depending upon the company that manufactures them. To know more about garbanzo beans, please go through the following given information:

Calories in Garbanzo Beans

Kuner’s is a brand which manufactures and sells garbanzo beans. ½ cup of these beans weighs 130 grams and contains 110 calories. As far as the nutritional value of these beans is concerned, they have been given B+ grade.  The calorie content of these beans is composed from17% contribution from sodium,  6% contribution from total carbohydrates and 24% contribution from dietary fiber. The high amount of dietary fiber which is present in garbanzo beans is a really good point about it. The bad point about Kuner’s garbanzo beans is that it has a lot of sodium.

Seneca is yet another company which sells garbanzo beans in sealed packages. ½ cup of these garbanzo beans weigh 125 grams and have got about 120 calories of which 2% come from total fat, 18% are contributed by sodium, 7% are contributed by total carbohydrates and 24% come from the dietary fiber content. On the scale of nutrition, these garbanzo beans from Seneca get B grade. The fact that these beans have a lot of sodium present in them is a negative thing about them. But the good points are that they have low sugar content and high dietary fiber content.