How Many Calories in Fava Beans

Fava beans are a variety of beans that are counted in the category of vegetables. Fava beans are considered to be good for the health and are used in several types of dishes. Fava beans are sold by a lot of companies and can be bought easily from supermarkets or vegetable vendors. If you wish to know how many calories are present in fava beans or what is the composition of nutrients present in fava beans then all you need to do is to go through the following given information:

Calories in Fava Beans

2 ounces of fava beans that the company ‘Melissa’s’ sells contains 62 calories. Melissa’s is a common name which sells many different food products and fruits and vegetables. As far as the nutritional value of fava beans is concerned, it has been given B+ grade. Out of the 62 calories that are present in fava beans, 4% come from total carbohydrates and 12% are contributed by dietary fiber content. The good things associated with Melissa’s fava beans are that they are low on the sodium amount and have loads of dietary fiber content present in them.

Frieda’s is another company which sells fava beans. ¾ cup of fava beans manufactured by this company weighs about 85 grams and contains 290 calories. The grade of nutrition allotted to these beans is A-. 84% of the calories present in them fava beans have been contributed by dietary fiber, 17% of the calories come from total carbohydrates while 2% of the calorie content is contributed by total fat content. The good points about these fava beans are that they have very little sodium, there is a lot of dietary fiber content present in them and lastly, these fava beans sold by Frieda’s have got a large percentage of iron which is great for the health.