How Many Calories in Red Kidney Beans

Red kidney beans are of American origin. This is one of the favorite dishes of most of the Americans. The name says the shape of the beans. But they are also used in treating various kidney problems. These beans contain a lot of protein and so they are widely used in many dishes. Vegetarian dishes have to compensate the nutritional balance and these beans are used for that purpose. Red kidney beans are used in the preparation of a famous north Indian recipe, Rajma. This is a side dish for chapattis and rotis and fulfils all the essential breakfast needs.

Calories in Red Kidney Beans

Red kidney beans have got many nutritional benefits. One full cup of dry cooked beans contains about 311 calories. Almost one- third of this is from fat. The fat constitutes about 109 calories. This grain is rich in protein as well as fiber content. It has got about 48% of fiber. These beans contain about 19% of fat and 4% of cholesterol. These beans contain all the essential vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper and phosphorus. These help in curing any type of skin infections.

These beans are used for making soups along with red chilies and salt. Dried beans shall be fried or cooked along with rice. They shall also be used to make various curries combining with other vegetables like carrot and beans. Any type of vegetarian food tastes excellent with these red kidney beans. Some of the good things about these beans are that they contain no saturated fats and cholesterol. The sodium content is very low which makes the food suitable for all. The food is rich in iron and fiber. The fiber lowers the blood cholesterol and helps digestion. They control the blood sugar levels and as they are rich in essential and rare nutrients like thiamine, they are the healthiest diet for all.