How Many Calories in Egg Omelette

Egg omelette is one of the most common items which is made by using eggs and is also one of the easiest. Egg omelettes form the regular breakfast item for a large population around the world and can be made in several ways by using different ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, garlic, green chillies etc. The number of calories present in an egg omelette might depend upon the eggs used to make it and the quantity of other ingredients as well. You can find out about the nutritional value and caloric content of egg omelettes in the following given part of the article

Calories in Egg Omelette

Ruby’s Diner is a very famous restaurant chain which makes yummy egg white omelettes. 1 serving of this omelette weighs about 381 grams and contains 338 calories. The nutritional grade given to this omelette is C+. Out of the 338 calories present in this omelette from Ruby’s Diner, 31% come from total fat, 45% come from saturated fat, 11% come from cholesterol content, 46% come from sodium content, 4% come from total carbohydrate content and the remaining 8% come from dietary fiber content. There is a high amount of vitamin A and vitamin C present in this particular omelette and this is a really good point about it. Even the high amount of calcium is a great thing. But on the other hand, high amount of sodium and saturated fat are the negative points about these egg white omelettes.

Cedarlane is another company which makes delicious egg white, spinach and mushroom omelette. 1 omelette made by this company contains 270 calories out of which 19% come from total fat, 30% come from saturated fat, 10% come from cholesterol, 28% come from sodium, 6% come from total carbohydrates and 8% come from dietary fiber content. High amount of calcium is a positive point but high sodium and saturated fat content are the two negative points.