How Many Calories in Dwarf Beans

Dwarf beans are also known as round beans or French beans. Dwarf beans are the type of beans which are green in colour and are small and straight. These beans have a clean and fresh taste and can be eaten when cooked because then they tend to get tender. These beans go well with other vegetables and are added in many soups and salads. Do you know how many calories are there in dwarf beans? Do you know the health benefits of dwarf beans? If not then please go through the following given information about dwarf beans:

Sainsbury’s is a company which sells packaged dwarf beans. 1 oz of these dwarf beans contains about 7 calories in total. Out of the 7 calories, 2% of the calories come from dietary fiber content. The presence of decent amount of dietary fiber is a really good thing about Sainsbury’s dwarf beans.

Calories in Dwarf Beans

Another company which is popular for manufacturing and selling dwarf beans is Morrison’s. There are a total of 24 calories in 100 gram serving of Morrison’s dwarf beans.  Out of these 24 calories present in these beans, 18% have been contributed by fats, 51% have been contributed by carbohydrates and 31% have been contributed by proteins. The good thing about these dwarf beans is that they contain quite a lot of dietary fiber which is considered good for the health.

100 grams of green beans which are also kind of dwarf beans contain 31 calories. these green beans contain 1.82 grams of protein, 0.12 grams of fat, 7.13 grams of carbohydrates, 1.4 grams of sugar, 37 mg of calcium, 1.04 mg of iron, 109 mg of potassium, 6 mg of sodium, 0.24 mg of zinc, 0.6 mg of selenium and 16.3 mg of vitamin C. the presence of good dietary fiber content is a positive point about these green beans.