How Many Calories in a Baked Beans

Baked beans, though the name suggests that the beans are baked, but actually they are steamed and they come with a sauce prepared. A healthy food item, the baked beans can be served on any occasion and they go mostly with breads.

Calorie count in normal baked beans is 239 and fat contribution to calories is 8.The total fat in this item is 0.9g out of which 0.2g is saturated fat and 0.0g is trans fat, 0.3g is polyunsaturated fat and 0.2g is monounsaturated fat. With 0mg cholesterol, 871mg sodium and 53.7g carbohydrate comprising 10.4g dietary fiber, 20.2g sugars and 12.1g protein, the vitamin A percentage in this item is 5%, calcium level 9%, and 17% iron.

The Original Baked Beans by Bush’s Best in a serving of 117.5g or 1/2 cup has vcalories in which 10 calorie has come from fat. The total fat content is 1.1g in which saturated fat content is 0.0g, and Trans fat is 0.0g. Featuring 0mg cholesterol, 550mg sodium, the carbohydrates in this food item is 29.0g comprising 5.1g dietary fiber, 12.0g sugars, and 6.0g protein. The calcium level is 4% and iron content is 10% with no vitamin content.

Calories in a Baked Beans

Maple Cured Bacon Baked Beans by Bush’s Best in one serving of 1/2 cup (132.3 g) has a calorie count of 140 in which 10 is from fat. Total fat content is 1.1g, out of which saturated fat is 0.0g, trans fat is 0.0g and cholesterol is 0mg, sodium is 620mg, total carbohydrates level is 28.0g comprising 5.0g dietary fiber, 11.0g sugars, and 6.0g protein. With nominal amounts of vitamin C and calcium, the iron content is 10%.

In a single serving of 1/2 cup (130.0 g) Vegetarian Baked Beans by Bush’s Best you get a calorie count of 130 where fat contribution is 0. Having a total fat count of 0.0g, the saturated fat count is 0.0g and Trans fat content is 0.0g. The other elements include 0mg cholesterol, 550mg sodium, 29.0g carbohydrates, comprising of5.0g dietary fiber, 12.0g sugars, 6.0g protein, 4% calcium and 10% iron.

In a single serving of 1/2 cup (132.3 g) Country Style Baked Beans by Bush’s Best there are 160 calories out of which the calories from fat are 10. The total fat content in this item is 1.1g out of which 0.0g is saturated fat and Trans fat each. This healthy food item has 0mg cholesterol 0mg, 680mg sodium and total carbohydrates content of 32.9g forming 5.0g dietary fiber, 16.0g sugars, and 6.0g protein with nominal amounts of calcium (4%) and iron (10%).