How Many Calories in Bran Flakes

Bran flakes make for a tasty and nutritional breakfast item and are eaten by a lot of people who are looking to consume a healthy breakfast. Bran flakes are manufactured by different companies and brands such as Kellogg’s, Safeway, Wal-mart and All-bran etc. each of these companies prepare bran flakes in a different way and thus the calorie count of each of these bran flakes is different from the other. If you are interested in finding out about the calorie count in bran flakes and about their nutritional value, then you can refer to the following given part of the article.

Kellogg’s is a very popular bran flake brand which is also one of the most bought brands around the world. 1 serving of Kellogg’s bran flakes consists of 90 calories out of which 17% of the calories are contributed by dietary fibers whereas 6% of the calories are contributed by total carbohydrates. In terms of nutritional value, Kellogg’s bran flakes are a pretty healthy food item.

Calories in Bran Flakes

Kroger is another brand that is popular for manufacturing bran flakes. The number of calories in a ¾ cup of a Kroger bran flake is 110 and the nutritional grade given to this bran flake brand is A. The positive points about this particular cereal are that they are high in dietary fiber, high in vitamin C, high in vitamin C, high in vitamin E and that they have no saturated fats. But one negative point about Kroger bran flakes is that they are high on sugar count.

Tesco bran flakes have been given a nutritional grade A and 1 serving that is 30 g of this cereal contains about 100 calories. Out of these 100 calories, the most is contributed through dietary fiber. This particular cereal too is high on sugar and this is the only negative point associated with it.