How Many Calories in Crunchy Nut Cereal

The crunchy nut cereal that you eat at breakfast has got many health benefits but at the same time may also come with a few calories. There are many different variants of these crunchy nut cereals and each is prepared by a different company. The different types of crunchy nut cereals contain different calorie content and have different health benefits as well. If you wish to find out more about the same, then you can refer to the following given points and details.

Kellogg’s is a very famous brand that is known for the different crunchy nut cereals that it manufacturers. One serving of the crunchy nut cereal prepared by Kellogg’s contains about 117 calories. Out of this calorie content, 1% of contributed by total fats, 8% is contributed by total carbohydrates and 4% is contributed by dietary fats. They are tasty to eat and are a preferred breakfast cereal of many.

Calories in Crunchy Nut Cereal

Millville too manufacturers a multi grain cereal for breakfast, 3 cups of which contains about 210 calories. The nutritional grade given to this cereal type is A and this is due to the fact that it contains high iron content, high vitamin C content, high thiamin content, high vitamin E content and high vitamin B6 content as well. One negative point associated with the crunchy nut cereal from Millville is that it is also high on sugar.

The crunchy nut red cereal manufactured by Kellogg’s which falls under the name ‘frosties’ contains 114 calories for one serving. This particular cereal type has got absolutely no fat content and only 9% carbohydrate content.2% of the calorie count comes from dietary fiber and cannot be considered high enough.  Frosties are really common and popular among kids and teenagers and are quite relished by them and also by their parents.