How Many Calories in Baked Chicken

For everyone who loves to eat chicken, baked chicken is a very good item to eat. Baked chicken is baked in an oven at a certain fixed temperature and for a fixed period of time. Do you know how many calories are present in baked chicken? Do you know if there are any health benefits associated with baked chicken? If not and you wish to find out then the following given information will prove to be very useful for you:

Vrooman is a popular brand name which sells several edible items. Vrooman is known for its good quality baked chicken, 1 serving of which contains about 259 calories. Out of this calorie content present in baked chicken sold by this company, 23% comes from total fat content and 23% is also contributed by the sodium content.

Calories in Baked Chicken

Ruby Tuesday is a world famous restaurant chain that is known to prepare some really rich and delicious dishes.  Ruby Tuesday makes yummy baked chicken wings as well. 1 serving of these baked chicken wings from Ruby Tuesday contain 756 calories out of which 78% are comprised of total fats alone. The large amount of calories in these chicken wings may not be a great thing for someone who is trying to lose weight or is health conscious.

Lean Cuisine is yet another company which is known for the superior quality baked chicken that it prepares and sells. 1 serving of baked chicken made by this company weighs 241 grams and has got 238 calories. The nutrition grade given to this baked chicken variant is C. out of the 238 calories, 11% come from total fat, 7% come from saturated fat, 10% come from cholesterol, 25% come from sodium, 10% from carbohydrates and 8% from dietary fiber content. The high sodium quantity is a negative point about this baked chicken.