How Many Calories in Vermicelli Noodles

Vermicelli noodles are a very popular type of noodles which are available all around the world and are quite tasty as well. Vermicelli noodles are so popular that many different companies have started manufacturing these types of noodles. Infact they can also be found available at many restaurants and eateries. Do you know how many calories does 1 serving of vermicelli noodles have? Or are you aware of the health benefits of vermicelli noodles? If you do not know the answers to these questions then please read the following given information:

MAMA is a famous company that makes many different types of noodles. One variety of noodles that MAMA sells is vermicelli noodles. 1 serving of these noodles weighs 45 grams and contains 170 calories. Out of these calories, 1% calories come from total fat and 12% calories come from total carbohydrates.

Calories in Vermicelli Noodles

Thai kitchen is another company that is known to prepare many types of Chinese food items. This company also makes delicious vermicelli noodles. 1 oz of these noodles contains 180 calories out of which 1% comes from total fats, 13% comes from total carbohydrates and 4% come from the dietary fiber content. As far as the nutritional value is concerned, these noodles have been given C- grade. There are many good points about Thai Kitchen’s vermicelli noodles. Some of them are that these noodles have no saturated fat content, they are absent of any cholesterol, there is absolutely no sodium content in these noodles and there is no sugar as well in them.

A taste of Thai is another company which produces vermicelli noodles. 2 oz of these noodles contain 200 calories and have been given a nutrition grade C.  Even these noodles have no cholesterol, saturated fats, sodium and sugar and this is a really good thing about them.