How Many Calories in Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is a Chinese soup which is not only popular in China but it loved all across the world. Chicken noodle soup is mainly made of chicken and noodles and is quite delicious as well. Many different restaurants prepare this soup and there are many companies which sell packaged chicken noodle soup. The number of calories present in chicken noodle soup may vary from company to company and is dependent upon the quantity of the ingredients used to make it. The following given article will be useful for you if you wish to know more about chicken noodle soup:

Chicken Noodle Soup

Campbell’s is a famous company which prepares and sells delicious chicken noodle soup. 1 cup of soup from this company weighs 217 grams and has got 70 calories. Out of these 70 calories, 3% come from total fat, 2% come from saturated fat, 5% are contributed by the cholesterol content, 36% come from sodium, 3% come from total carbohydrates and 4% come from dietary fiber content. The nutrition grade which Campbell’s chicken noodle soup is given is C.  The fact that this soup has no sugar and is high on the vitamin A content makes it very healthy but the presence of large amount of sodium is a negative point about it.

Au Bon Pain is a well known brand that makes many different food items. One such item is chicken noodle soup which is low on the fat quantity. 8 oz of this soup contains 69 calories and as far as the nutrition grade is concerned, it has been tagged at a grade C+. Some of the good points associated with this soup are high vitamin A content and low saturated fat content. The negative point about this soup is that it contains a lot of sodium.