How Many Calories in an Espresso

Espresso is a sort of or a concentrated form of a coffee beverage. It brewed by forcing a small amount of boiling water through finely ground coffee beans, under pressure. The pressurized brewing results in very concentrated flavors and chemical in a cup of espresso. The amounts of calories contained in an espresso may vary depending on the amount of coffee and other factors.

How Many Calories in an Espresso

The espresso shot manufactured by and served at the Starbucks Coffee chains contain only 5 calories per serving and have carbohydrates content of 1.0g. The specified calories and content hold for one serving size i.e. 1 fluids ounce or 28g.

The single espresso shot manufactured by Atlanta Bread Company International Inc. also contains only 5 calories in total. Also the amount of carbohydrates in a single serving size (i.e. 1.5 oz or 42g) of the shot is 1.0g.

Caribou Coffee also manufactures espresso shots; and a single serving size i.e. 1 large or 168g of the shot contain 10 calories. The levels of sodium content and carbohydrates in the shot are 20mg and 2.0g respectively.

The espresso shot manufactured by Second Cup Nutrition has 2 calories per serving. The other nutritional components of the shot are fat content of 0.2g, 10mg of sodium and 0.1g of proteins.

Espresso manufactured by the coffee maker Nescafe has about 104 calories in single serving which is about 100g in quantity. The fat content in this espresso is 0.4g (which adds up to 4 calories) and the proteins content is 15.2g. The amount of carbohydrates contained in the espresso is 10.0g of which 11.5g id dietary fibers and 2.2g is sugars.

Espresso served at the Costa coffee contain total of 221 calories per serving. The fat content is only 0.1g, the protein content is 5.0g and the total carbohydrate content is 50.3 g (of which 26.1g is sugars).