The Effects of Alcohol on your Internal Organs

It is not an uncommon fact that alcohol consumption is not the healthiest of things that you can do. Infact alcohol consumption is often not recommended and must always be checked and controlled. So what are the real reasons that consumption of alcoholic beverages are frowned upon? Well the primary reason for this is the negative effects of alcohol on a person’s health and more so on his/her internal organs. Yes, alcohol consumption in large quantities or over a long period of time can damage your internal organs. Here are a few of the effects of alcohol on our organs:

alcohol on your internal organs

  • Stomach is the first organ that alcohol comes in touch with or feels the consequences of ingested alcohol. Due to repeated consumption of alcohol, the food digestion can be affected and may also be harmed, leading to an upset stomach. Over a period of time, the lining inside the stomach can get eroded and this can even lead to seeping blood in it.
  • Another organ which can be damaged due to alcohol consumption is the liver. Infact, this is that organ which sustains the most structural changes and damage due to prolonged consumption of excessive alcohol. The liver tends to build up scar tissues and its function can be affected as a result. This also often leads to internal bleeding.
  • Heavy drinkers often have to face troubles with the lung as well. This happens become alcohol can disrupt the proteins that are meant to keep fluids outside of the lungs. Acute respiratory distress syndrome is a disease which is caused in the lungs due to excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Another organ which alcohol is likely to affect is the brain. These effects are both complex and varied in nature. Alcohol tends to affect the brains’ muscle function, memory, neurotransmitters and even self-control and judgment. Moreover, alcohol consumed over a period of time can affect the sex drive and awareness which are also functions of the brain.
  • Heart is another organ which might have to face the negative effects of alcohol consumption. Some problems which can thus result are heart diseases, high blood pressure, irregularity in the heart beat and even heart failure.
  • Alcohol may even affect the immune system of the body and may alter its function. It impairs the white blood cells and can cause several types of blood abnormalities.
  • Some other organs affected are throat, larynx etc.