How Many Calories in Cream Soda

Cream soda is a sweet carbonated soft drink which often comes in a vanilla flavoring. The cream sodas are prepared by heating a mix of water, tartar cream, Epsom salts, sugar tartaric acid, egg and milk. The heated mix is then cooled and made into an effervescent drink by adding some soda (i.e. sodium bicarbonate).

How Many Calories in Cream Soda

There are a huge number of manufacturer which produce cream sodas. Each of the manufacturers may tweak the recipe and thus the calories contained in each may differ from the rest. A list of the calorie content and nutritional value in cream sodas by varied manufacturers is given below.

The cream soda by Jones Soda Company has 335 g of soda in one bottle. The amount of calories in one bottle of the soda is 190 calories. The amount of carbohydrates in the bottle equals 48.0g (all of which is sugars) and the amount of sodium is 15mg.

Compliments manufactures cream soda, a single can of which (i.e. 355g) contains 170 calories. The levels of sodium and carbohydrates content in the can are 30mg and 42.0g respectively. Olive Garden manufactured cream sodas have about 200 calories per serving size.

A single serving i.e. 1 cup (250g) of the President’s Choice manufactured cream sodas contains 120 calories. The amount of sodium and carbohydrates content in the cup of soda are 15mg and 33g respectively.

Cream soda by A&W has no calories at all, as stated for a single serving size. It does contain 100mg of sodium contents in one can.

The cherry vanilla cream soda manufactured by Hansen’s has 140 calories per serving. Also the amount of the carbohydrates contained in the serving is 13.0g.

The cream soda by Shasta given the serving size of 12 1/5 fl oz or 366g has about 188 calories. The amount of sodium in it is stated to be 45mg and the amount of carbohydrates is 47.0g (all sugar).