Best 6 Fun Drink Ideas for Party

Hosting a party and living up to the expectations of your guests is not at all an easy task; especially when you wish to welcome your guests with some interesting drinks. During scorching heat of the summer, to quench the thirst of your guests you can explore variety of drinks that are not only made with healthy ingredients but are truly tasty and appetizing. Here are some exciting and easy recipes for party drinks –

drink ideas for party

1. Fruit Mocktail

This fruity taste is sure to mesmerize your guests with a tangy bang. To prepare, you need to combine ½ cup of cold orange juice, ½ cup of cold mixed berries and ½ cup of cold seltzer water. Pour this mixture in a cup or in a decorative glass according to your choice and garnish it with fresh mixed berries. Your chilled drink for party is ready to serve.

2. Watermelon Sangria

With the help of sticker blender you can prepare this drink inside the watermelon to add extra fun to your party. Otherwise you can also blend the pieces of watermelon with dry or zesty white wine, rum, orange liquor, simple syrup and soda or seltzer water. Refrigerate for 2-4 hours to serve chill with a spring mint on the top of your drink.

3. Sugar Free Margarita

This skinny Margarita recipe will be preferable for your health conscious guests due to its sugar free nature. To present a healthiest drink to your guest you need to mix the ingredients including 1 jigger tequila, ½ jigger lime juice, 1 jigger water, little splash of orange extract, ice and pinch of salt. The next step would be to shake all these ingredients in a cocktail shaker and serve in your desired way.

4. Homemade Strawberry Milk

This fun drink for your party would surely remind you about the childhood days. To prepare this drink you have to make pieces of strawberries and boil it with desired water and sugar unless the mixture become little thick. After this strain the mixture and give it standing time to cool and then pour required quantity of milk.

5. Dreamsicle

Another option for preparing fun drink for your party mood can be Dreamsicle. To begin with this easiest recipe, pour 6 oz. orange soda and 1 oz. vanilla liquor. Then add with it 1 oz. milk or cream to create light form on the drink which will enhance look of your drink.

6. Palm Smoothies

Another fruity as well as quickest fun drink recipe would be palm smoothie. You need to blend all the palms removing the pits from it. You can add on some grapes or fresh squeezed orange juice to sweeten it and finally serve the mixture garnishing with fresh mint leaves.

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