How Many Calories in a Coors Light Beer

Coors Light Beer is a well-known beverage and is manufactured by the company named Coors Brewing Company. Coors Beer is an alcoholic beverage produced by scarification of different types of starch and fermentation of the generated sugar. This is made from the malted grains such as malted barley and malted wheat. Sometimes very little amount of yeast is used for the fermentation. Different kinds of flavors are added to make the resulted mixture tastier. The strength of this beer is 4% and 6% by volume which make it a very lite beer.

Calories in a Coors Light Beer

Usually, this beer is served at parties and special occasions. The general serving amount is 340 grams. This amount of beer is capable of producing 102 calories of energy. Most of the energy comes from the carbohydrates. More than 6 grams of carbohydrates are mixed with the sugary fermented liquid generated from the malted grain. This amount of carbohydrate is capable of increasing your energy index by more than 3%.  A large amount of sodium content is due to different natural grains used in the preparation of the beer. Presence of Protein is 2% by weight. This 1 gram of protein comes from the malted wheat and grains. This is a fat free drink. The amount of fat present in this beverage is 0% by volume and weight. People consuming it need not worry about weight gain, though too much of anything is not good for health.

Coors Light has become a popular name in the beverage market. One of the most wanted beers in the United States; this offers unique and soothing refreshment without getting too much high. Coors Light beer is becoming very popular amongst youngsters for its high energy giving character. The Coors Brewing Company also produces other varieties of refreshing drink which are not only affordable but also tasty.