How Many Calories in Yam Roll

Though yams are not a common item on everyone’s dinner table, yam rolls are often had as light snacks or starters or sometime after dinner. The main ingredients in the yam roll are yam, sugar, salt, flour and yeast. They have a slightly sweet taste and are light on the palate.

6 pieces of yam rolls from Ace Sushi have 231 calories. The total fat content in this item is 7.4 gm and it has 36.4 gm carbohydrates. The yam rolls have 3.1 gm protein, 8% calcium and 8% vitamin C. They do not contain any Saturated Fat, Polyunsaturated Fat, Monounsaturated Fat, Cholesterol, Sodium or Potassium. The main reason that there are so many calories in these rolls is because of the ingredients used. 30 gm of all purpose flour has 100 calories and sugar is also high on carbohydrates. That is the main reason why these rolls are on the heavier side.

Calories in Yam Roll

These rolls come with avocado also and the calorie content is almost the same as the other variant. But avocado does add some amount of vitamins to the dish. 150 gm avocados have 240 calories and they come with 4% vitamin A and 25% vitamin C. Thus it is a great way to add some vitamin to the body while enjoying these rolls.

In many cases people use sweet potatoes in place of yams. 160 gm of canned sweet potatoes contain 120 calories and 30 gm of carbohydrates. They have 30 mg of sodium and these are high in vitamin A and also contain an amount of vitamin C. Those who wish to substitute yams with sweet potatoes can do so and they will hardly notice a difference in taste and texture of the yam rolls made of these sweet potatoes. These rolls are a good when eaten right out of the oven.