Smart Snacking With These Simple 10 Tips

Smart snacking is essential for each one of us because through snacking smartly, one avoids the risk of gaining weight or eating unhealthy.  Snacking between two meals helps in reducing hunger and also lets you intake the essential nutrients. The following are the 10 tips for smart snacking:

1. Keep Chewing

Keep Chewing

one of the best tips for smart snacking is to keep chewing continuously  according to certain studies, chewing almonds thoroughly helped people full faster and for a long period of time and this prevents eating unnecessarily and thus prevents weight gain.

2. Have Citrus Snacks

Have Citrus Snacks

Another smart tip for snacking is to include citrus based foods. Eating one grapefruit with each meal can help people reduce weight as grapefruit helps to lower the insulin level.

3. Combine Carbohydrates and Proteins

Combine Carbohydrates and Proteins

Another way to ensure that you snack smartly is by combining carbohydrates and proteins.  For this you can pair almonds and orange.  You can even opt for roasted chickpeas which are a mix of proteins and carbs.  Roasted chickpeas are also high on fiber content and prevent weight gain.

4. Chilled Grapes

Chilled Grapes

you can store grapes in the freezer and then have them whenever you feel like snacking. These chilled grapes make for an easy and nutrition rich snacks.  Plus since they are cold, you eat them slow which in turn helps to cut down on eat extra food.

5. Give yourself a small treat every once in a while

Give yourself a small treat every once in a while

You can treat yourself every once in a while as this is actually good for you. So if you want a glass of wine with dinner, go for it or add a small piece of dessert to your meal.

6. Snack Thoughtfully

Snack Thoughtfully

Some people like to snack mindlessly while sitting in front of the TV. This leads to gaining unnecessary pounds and hence you must always snack thoughtfully.

7. Fill Nutritional Gaps to Snack

Fill Nutritional Gaps to Snack

Don’t consider snacks as an additional item. Include them in between meals so as to fill the nutritional gaps. Make every snack count by including fruits and vegetables as your snacks.

8. Pack your Snack

Pack your Snack

Rather than purchasing snack at work, pack a nutritional snack at home for work.

9. Choose Midnight Snack wisely

Choose Midnight Snack wisely

For your midnight snack, opt for one that is rich in carbohydrates and has a bit of protein.

10. Pack Snacks for Travel

 Pack Snacks for Travel

Make sure that when you travel; you pack snacks wisely for the trip rather than buying fatty fats enroute.

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