Fulfilling and Healthy Snacks for Your Kids

Giving your kids a suitable dish of snack can be a real tough job if the child is already fussy about food; in that case the snacks should be tasty as well as healthy that will keep your kid full for at least 2-3 hours. There are many snacks that are found ready-made these days or sometimes can be made by simply boiling it in water; but are they really healthy options? Keeping controversies away, let’s check out some of these really tasty and healthy snacks options for your kid.

Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Peanut Butter Sandwiches – Peanut butter has loads of protein and fiber, both essential for these growing years. You can make sandwiches with peanut butter in between or replace the same with wafers. Just make sure that your kid is not allergic to this form of butter.

Homemade Bakery – Getting your kid the right nutrient from fruits and vegetables is not an easy task unless you get them enveloped with something really tasty. Make some home-made breads and muffins with pastes of nutritious fruits like banana, zucchini, carrot etc. Just a layer of jam topping would be enough to make the little one grab it for tiffin!

Healthy Little Pizza – Take a piece of English muffin and toast it well. Spread a tablespoon of marinara sauce and garnish it with some colourful veggies then top it with a layer of shredded cheese. Broil the pack in the oven for 60 seconds until the cheese starts melting. Look at the kid savouring all the veggies with delight!

Frozen Fruity Bars – the more you take away kids from ice cream, the more they are fond of it; so why not tuck in the healthy inputs into this frozen bar? Take some pieces of chopped fruits, wash them well and make a smoothie out of it by crushing. Fruits like banana, peace, orange or pineapple can be good choices. Freeze the smoothie and make an ice cream out of it – a real treat during summers!

Fruity Milk Shakes – With this snack recipe, you will not only nourish the kid with fruit nutrients but also the powerful ‘milk’. Just a quarter cup of milk, half a banana, few berries and churn them in the blender. You can add half a spoon of sugar and yoghurt to make it more tasty and nutritious snacks. Packed with protein, fiber and calcium, this is a real healthy snack for children above 2 years.

Eating healthy have become a difficult task these days due to lack of time and disciplined life; but that surely cannot be an excuse to ruin your kid’s diet. These are simple, home-made, healthy snacks that can keep the child healthy and also addicted to mummy-made cuisine.