7 Lip Smacking Picnic Snack Ideas

A picnic is like a moveable feast which cannot always have the same meal or food items that you enjoy at home or in a restaurant.  If you wish to make your picnic special with unforgettable and lip smacking snacks, then you can try out the given 7 Picnic snack ideas:

Picnic Snack Ideas

1. Potato salad

One of the easiest and most tasty picnic snack idea is a potato salad.  The good thing about a potato salad is that it can be prepared in a number of different versions and one can freely experiment with it.  You can try to add some low fat mayonnaise to it or some low fat sour cream for extra taste.

2. Fried chicken

Another recipe that you can try out on a picnic is fried chicken.  The good thing about fried chicken is that it can be eaten cold and also has amazing taste.  To make your chicken low fat, you can bake it rather than frying it or add some ground cornflakes or seasonings to it.

3. Pasta salad

Pasta salad is another cold item which works perfectly well as a picnic snack.  The good thing about a pasta salad is that it makes for an entire meal by itself and to add more color to it, you can use colorful pasta or several colorful vegetables to it.

4. Pinwheel sandwiches

Any kind of a sandwich makes for a good outdoor or picnic snack and so does pinwheel sandwich.  This is a basically a rolled over sandwich which looks amazing and tastes even better.  To create this one, you can use flat bread or even flour tortillas.

5. Fruit salad

If you are out on a picnic and close to nature, why not choose something natural and fresh for a meal? For this reason, a colorful fruit salad works as a good picnic snack.  Add fruits like kiwis, mangoes, strawberries and watermelons to the salad to make for a filling meal.

6. Pesto chicken rolls

If you are in mood for chicken, then you can pack pesto chicken rolls to your picnic basket.  These rolls can be made out of wrap type breads and cut chicken with sun dried tomatoes.

7. Roast beef and blue cheese

In whole grain rolls, you can add blue cheese to one side and horseradish on the other.  You can further add pork and red onion to the dish.