5 Healthy and Tasty Microwave Cooking Recipes

Most of us use the microwave only for heating purpose and forget making full use of this electronic device.  A microwave can be used not only for baking but also cooking some of the most delicious and lip smacking recipes. There are several healthy recipes which can be cooked in a microwave easily and without taking too much of time. The following is a list of the 5 most healthy and tasty microwave cooking recipes:

Tasty Microwave Cooking Recipes

1. Southwestern layered bean dip

This is an amazingly healthy dish that can easily be made in the microwave and acts as an instant recipe when you have guests over.  It is made using salsa, black beans, fresh and chopped vegetables and reduced fat sour cream. This dip is full of fiber content and hence proves exceedingly healthy.  You can also add some full fat cheese to it for better taste and texture.  This dip can be served with tortilla chips.

2. Sweet potatoes with warm black bean salad

Another superb recipe that you can try out in the microwave is sweet potatoes with warm black bean salad.  The beans and the tomatoes which are a part of this recipe take care of the health quotient while the fragrant filling satisfies your taste buds.  Make sure you include the skin of the potatoes too in the recipe to enjoy benefits of the fiber content.

3. Mexi-melt

Mexi-melt is a popular microwave recipe which makes use of the refrigerator leftovers and serves as a healthy food item.  To make this, you will need to spread the leftover beans (after refrying them) on a toasted whole wheat bread and add a layer of the yummy salsa on top of it.  Just heat this bread in the microwave. You can have this toasty at breakfast time.

4. Microwave potato chips

If someone told you that potato chips couldn’t be cooked in the microwave, then you were wrongly informed.  Put some thinly sliced potato chips with a dash of olive oil in the microwave and get yummy, crispy and tasty potato chips.

5. Chocolate bark with pistachios and dried cherries

Dark chocolate is very healthy for the body and adding it with some green delicious pistachios and red dried cherries makes for a healthy yet tasty meal.  This recipe can easily be cooked in the microwave and is like an instant dish which is great when served to guests.