7 Steps for Eating Healthy in College

College life can take a toll on our health due to long working hours, grilling lectures and busy schedules. But in such a scenario, it is very important for us to form a regular habit of eating healthy food.  While some students might be worried about gaining extra weight, some may be losing on nutrition. So here are the 7 steps for eating healthy in college:

Steps for Eating Healthy in College

1. Eat Smart in the cafeteria

The cafeteria can be a dangerous place for fresh college students. The cafeteria contains all kinds of attractive and tempting foods, which if eaten on a regular basis, can really affect the healthy negatively.  So choose the relatively healthier foods and avoid having too much of fizzy drinks.  Try to avoid dessert and stick to foods less on fats.

2. Pack healthy foods

It is not necessary to head to the cafeteria every day. Rather, pack a healthy meal to college sometimes. Some examples of healthy meals can be fruits like bananas, apples, pears and some other foods like nutritional bars.

3. Avoid late night snacking

College life can result in late night study sessions which will lead to some unhealthy snacking. But you must avoid eating these unhealthy foods and rather go for some healthy items like nuts, fruits and tea which will help you remain awake in the night.

4. Cut down on drinking

No matter how healthy your food choices are, mixing it up with alcohol and the extra calories it contains can completely affect your health negatively.  Make it a point to drink only when necessary and avoid over-indulging.  Also, never mix your drinks and stay away from sugary cocktails.

5. Don’t get carried away

In college life; we often get carried away with our friends when it comes to eating out in restaurants or on birthday treats. Make sure you don’t indulge in too much of junk food as it can be a negative step towards a healthy body.

6. Don’t starve yourself

In college life, students often forget to eat as they are too involved with studying. But this isn’t good for your health and you need energy to keep the body going. Therefore, make sure you eat on regular intervals.

7. Hydrate yourself

Oftentimes we forget to drink enough water or other fluids in college and this can lead to dehydration. In order to focus properly and keep going, make sure you hydrate yourself properly and always carry a water bottle with you to college.

Photo Credit By: taptutoring.com