Nutrition Facts in Organic Skim Milk

Milk in opinion of almost every health guide is one of the most important parts of our dietary needs. It must be included in our consumption on a daily basis. All the health counsellors, dieticians, instructors etc. have told people to include milk in their diets. It is especially required in the diets of growing kids. Organic skimmed milk is a variant of milk which has been in production since quite some time now.

Organic skimmed milk has less of calories and other content in comparison to whole milk. Individuals who are on a diet to lose weight prefer to have organic skim or just skim milk instead of the full cream variant. Organic skim milk is created by pasteurization of whole (full cream) milk. Though the basic process is same various producers may vary the pasteurization methods a little as suitable to their production needs.

Nutrition Facts in Organic Skim Milk

Organic Valley is one of the manufacturers/ suppliers of organic skim milk. They use traditional method to pasteurize organic milk. The milk they supply is made by pasteurizing the milk i.e. heating it to 161 degrees for about 15.5 seconds. For other producers this very method may vary.

A single serving of organic skim milk is 1 cup or an equivalent 240 ml. The calories content analysis for this serving size is as follows:

Total calories

The organic milk contains a total of about only 90 calories per cup. The calories from fat are zero.

Fat content

The organic milk has no fat content at all which is why the zero calories from fat. The absence of fat makes this milk a good health option.

Proteins, potassium, sodium

The total proteins are said to be about 8g, while content of potassium and sodium in the milk are 370 mg and 125mg respectively.


The single serving of this milk has about 5mg of cholesterol which is pretty low in comparison to the whole cream version of milk products.


The total carbohydrates in the milk are 12g all of which are in form of sugars. There are no dietary fibres in the milk.

Good points about organic skim milk

The milk is low in cholesterol and saturated fat contents which is a positive health point. The milk is a very good source of calcium, phosphorous, riboflavin and vitamin A as it contains very high amounts of these. Also it is a good source of the vitamin B12 and potassium.

Bad points about organic skim milk

The high sugar content i.e. a large portion of the calories come from sugars which is bad from the health point of view.