How Many Calories in Amstel Light Beer

Amstel Light Beer is one of the popular light beers available in the market and is quite popular among people who do not prefer the heavy dose of malt in beers. The malt of this beer is sweet and there is a very light aroma in it. There is a slight crispness in Amstel beer but on the whole it is bland and good for those who do not want too much of a kick with a beer. This article will further discuss about the calorie count and nutritive value of this beverage.

Calories in Amstel Light Beer

1 serving of this beer has 95 calories with just 5 gm of carbohydrates. It has no fat, no saturated fat, and no cholesterol. There is also 5 mg of sodium in it along with 1 gm of protein. When all these statistics are compared to a full throttle beer like Heineken, it will be seen that the calorie content is almost the same in both but the carbohydrate count is less in Amstel beer. The sodium content of Amstel beer is also less and all these facts add up to become a great choice for the people who prefer to loosen up with a beer yet enjoy the taste and aroma.

Like all other beer, this light beer from Amstel is also mainly all malt. But the malt here is sweet and crisp and does not have too much of the heaviness that the premium beer does. Amstel beer has many more variants like Amstel Light, which is a 3.5% abv pale lager; while Amstel 1870 has a darker color with 5% abv lager. In France, this beer is called Amstel Free, which has negligible alcohol content, just about one per cent ABV. In the Netherlands, Amstel beer is also sold in a non-alcoholic version. Overall, the beer cannot be called fat free, but if consumed in limited quantity, it does not increase weight.